Messina Elena


Chercheuse affiliée à l'ISSR

Téléphone : (+39) 349.0721126
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Research interests:

Relationship between organ donation and religion



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Presentation and research summary

Having worked back and forth between academia, INGOs I am currently working as affiliated researcher at the University of Lausanne, Institut de sciences sociales des religions. My research project focuses on relationship between organ donation and religion. There is a rigorous conceptual basis for regarding whole-brain death as human death based on the biophilosophical concept of the loss of the organism as a whole. Ever since, brain death raises diverse neuroethical issues, from estate law and religious practices to patient care and organ donation. But, beyond the officially sacred, how does religion shape the way in which the  body and the death is perceived?
The research project is an anthropologic survey and link together a wide range of disciplines.
While my training is as an historically deep anthropologist, I am presently working within a specific boundary linking together the social and medical sciences that might be called critical medical anthropology.
Religious systems, rather than being a form of passivity, represent a form of action, contributing to body perception, interpretation and construction. Moreover, Religion consist of many complex ways in which suffering, illnesses, and health inequalities are understood, interpreted and negotiated. With reference to medicine, medical intervention and religion, this research intends to analyze the competing and alternative ideas about what it meant to be alive.

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