Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Business Disputes

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Cross-border business disputes are increasing, but attorneys, judges and legal counsel are not always well-equipped for dealing with the particular features of international cases.


Several international study programs are devoted to this topic. The advantage of the University of Lausanne’s Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Business Disputes (CAS IBD) is that the program only stretches over a short period of time and can easily be reconciled with full-time professional activity. It provides useful practical insights, not only on a single mechanism of dispute resolution (such as international arbitration or litigation before state courts), but also on different aspects, techniques, and fields of international dispute resolution.





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All courses are taught in English and are generally scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays during the Spring term (between March and June). Some of the courses are fully or partially offered remotely, which facilitates attendance for those who are not located in Lausanne.


All courses are also part of the study plan of the LL.M. in International Business Law at the University of Lausanne (60 ECTS).


If the holder of a CAS IBD subsequently registers for the LL.M. Programme (which is subject to the LL.M. admissions requirements), the 10 ECTS of the CAS can be credited toward the LL.M. degree; in this case, however, the LL.M. degree certificate replaces the CAS, which must be returned to the Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL.


Most of the courses in the CAS IBD can also be taken individually.




The curriculum is taught on the basis of 10 ECTS credits


Course credit can be obtained over 10 days 

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During a final one-day session, registered students are evaluated based on a discussion of a case in a short paper and in-class presentation


The language of instruction is English


Start dates: March 2022


Price: 4000 CHF

Trainee lawyers: 2000 CHF 

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 Regulation of Global Sport

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A new university certificate in the Regulation of Global Sport (CAS ReGS)
Regulation is an important concept in global sport which encompasses legal as well as social, political and economic dimensions. As the ecosystem of global sport now includes public and private organisations, in addition to the traditional international non-profit sport organisations - which are largely based in Switzerland - it becomes more and more necessary to explore and understand the concept of regulation. Global sport is governed by domestic/national hard laws, which coexist with transnational rules (soft laws) from various sporting bodies (IOC, WADA, CAS, IFs, etc.). To explore the new challenges and opportunities faced by global sport, UNIL offers a Certificate of Advanced Studies in the Regulation of Global Sport (CAS ReGS), starting in February 2022 (in 3 one-week modules).
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