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Although completing an internship is not part of the LL.M. Programme, we provide tailored career support and meet with students individually to assess their needs and aspirations. In addition to internships with the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, LawTank and GP3 Institute (described below), here are some of the organisations with which our students have either completed internships or found employment during their studies:



Gymnastics Ethics Foundation

Médecins sans frontières



The Permanent Representation of Belgium



In addition, we have set up mentorship arrangements with international arbitrators for a handful of students specialising in International Business Disputes.





GP3 Institute is is an advisory Network that provides institutional design and governance support for multi-national projects, helping countries achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, GP3 focuses on ways in which partnerships between the public and private sector can be organised and implemented, as framed by SDG 17 - Partnerships.

Key to GP3’s mission is the provision of training and educational exchange through internships which have been awarded to students from law schools and universities globally. 
The UNIL LL.M. internship with GP3 Institute is organised as public-interest programme which focuses on public-private initiatives. The programme offers research opportunities and practical experiences intended to raise student awareness of trends in global development cooperation. 
For the University of Lausanne's LL.M. Programme in International Business Law, GP3 designed a program to promote the development of student ideas and innovations that could apply to SDG partnership programmes focused on their particular areas of academic interest. Students are invited to produce a note, articulating how partnering could help overcome the obstacles to achieving the SDGs in a regional or global cooperation mechanism. Student research and writing contributions will be published in a GP3 journal in 2022.

ChinaMed Business Program (CMBP)

Dear students,


the University of Lausanne has been selected as partner of the ChinaMed Business Program (CMBP), an intensive junior executive program for students and future managers interested in pursuing career opportunities across China and the Euro-Mediterranean region.


The CMBP takes place every year in China (Beijing, Chongqing and Shenzhen) during the summer. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this year’s edition will exceptionally take place online, from July 6 to July 31, with 4 weeks of online lectures, team projects, case-study analyses and conversations with international lecturers and guests, in the fields of innovation, finance, digital marketing, Chinese consumer behavior, negotiations and cross-cultural entrepreneurship. In addition to the online program, the organisers are contemplating holding an extra 10-day study tour with company visits in the most exciting Chinese cities this autumn, provided the Covid-19 crisis is contained.  You will find all the details about CMBP 2020 edition in the attached brochure.


The mission of CMBP is to train a new generation of managers and entrepreneurs, a generation that is alert and competent to meet the opportunities and challenges of Chinese investments in the wider Mediterranean region, and of the growing importance of Chinese consumers worldwide.


CMBP classes consist of graduate students and young professionals from various fields: International Relations, Economics, Management, Architecture, Law, Engineering, History, Languages, Cultural Mediation, IT. Home universities of the participants to the previous editions include the London School of Economics, the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies, the Polytechnic University of Turin, Bocconi University, the Beijing Foreign Studies University, Inalco (Paris), the American University of Rome, the University of Torino, Zhejiang University. At the end of the program, participants are awarded a final certificate, jointly issued by the TOChina Hub and Peking University, and are then invited to join the TOChina Alumni network, to exchange opportunities and business contacts from all over the world.


Students and alumni of the University of Lausanne are entitled to apply for a Partners’ Scholarship, for reducing the tuition fees to EUR 800.


Applications are now open and are processed on a first come, first served basis. The deadline for applications is set on June 29, 2020.


Learn more at and on CMBP social media pages on Linkedin and Instagram.



ChinaMed Business Program

Meet the Directors

Guest speakers of previous editions




Internship at LawTank






LAWTANK Ltd is a Switzerland based international legal service provider that offers language (translations, interpreting, multilingual minute taking / transcriptions, etc.) as well as legal services (research, contract drafting, securing of evidence, etc.) to public corporations and companies while aiming at simplifying and accelerating complex multilingual, multicultural, cross-jurisdictional legal procedures.

LAWTANK Ltd will regularly take on bilingual LL.M. students from the University of Lausanne on a contractual basis as needs arise. Students will help LAWTANK’s clients to overcome linguistic and legal barriers in various legal systems.

This is an excellent opportunity for our LL.M. students to sharpen their language skills and gain insight into the practice of international and cross-border transactions and litigation.

For more information about LAWTANK Ltd., see

Please note:

* This internship is open exclusively to LL.M. students of the University of Lausanne.




Internship at SFL (Solutions for Life sciences)

SFL-Primary-Logo-RGB.jpg (SFL-Primary-Logo-PMS)

SFL (Solutions for Life sciences), a leading consulting company headquartered in Basel that provides integrated service and consulting solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, will take on one of our LL.M. students as an intern for 6 months.

Students interested in working with SFL’s professional multidisciplinary team will get hands-on experience working through the entire lifecycle of health care products with European, Swiss and Global regulations.

Since SFL provides its clients with personalised and customised strategic advice as well as high-quality documents that fit the needs of both large and small companies, the intern will benefit from a well-rounded internship that touches on issues of Legal and Compliance support in the context of Regulatory Affairs, Public Affairs, Medical Affairs, Market Access and Reimbursement, Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance, and Supply Chain.

Students specialising in Business Regulation and Business Transactions will be given priority for this exclusive internship opportunity.


For more information about SFL, see


Please note:

* This internship is open exclusively to LL.M. students of the University of Lausanne

* The internship is meant to cover living expenses in Switzerland


Application criteria:

* Strong interest in life sciences

* Good communication skills

* English language proficiency

* A highly motivated and open-minded personality, able to work and learn in an international and dynamic environment

* Able to work independently and efficiently on own responsibility

* Swiss or EU citizen or valid Swiss work permit



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