Next public thesis defences

Doctorant Thesis Title Date of defense
Kamal AHMED Targeting the Wnt Signaling Pathway in Triple Negative Breast Cancer January 11, 2019
Florian TAGINI Bacterial Genomics of Medical Importance January 11, 2019
Ivo REGLI Neutrophils as key players in the outcome of cutaneous Leishmaniasis February 15, 2019
Jacques OLIVIER Les fabricants de cigarettes face à la question tabac et santé en Suisse (1962-2003) April 11, 2019
Angela VOLORIO Fonctions des amplificateurs de séquences microsatellites à motif GGAA dans le sarcome de Ewing October 16, 2019
Gaël BOIVIN Study and modulation of the immune microenvironment in a pre-clinical lung cancer model to optimize radiation-therapy efficiency November 29, 2019
Arnaud BAKARIC Identification des mécanismes moléculaires responsables de la pathogénèse et de l'agressivité des tumeurs CIC-DUX4 October 9, 2020
Aikaterini THEODOROPOULOU NLRP3 inflammasome activation and regulation in systemic autoinflammatory diseases: from bench to bedside March 3, 2022
Alexandra CAUDERAY Identification and characterization of proteins that cooperate with EWS-FLI1 March 21, 2022
Florian RUIZ Le rôle des oxystérols dans les maladies inflammatoires June 15, 2022
Camille GERARD Exploring mechanisms of therapy resistance and response in melanoma, with a focus on uveal melanoma December 9, 2022
Constance LEGAY Dietary risk and protective factors of kidney stone formers in Switzerland December 15, 2022
Bastian MARQUIS Rhabdochlamydia, a new tick-borne pathogen? April 21, 2023
Blanca NAVARRO RODRIGO Antitumor immunity in Ovarian and Colorectal cancer and adenosine-mediated T-cell suppression April 26, 2023
Maria OCHOA DE OLZA AMAT Low-Dose Irradiation to revert a T cell non-inflamed Tumor Microenvironment October 10, 2023
Eva GERBIER Digital tools to optimize drug use during pregnancy in Switzerland October 13, 2023
Alexander SALERNO Rethinking Acute Ischemic Stroke management for the posterior circulation: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Acute Treatment November 2, 2023
Raphaël JENELTEN L’autoimmunité dirigée contre la protéine antimicrobienne lysozyme contribue à la pathogénèse du psoriasis December 4, 2023
Christel SCHAEFER Dissecting the viability function of STXBP1/Rop in drosophila December 6, 2023
Alexandre WICKY Investigating the Spatial Organization of Immune Cells in Melanoma to predict Immunotheraphy Response April 23, 2024
Kevin MORISOD Enjeux d'équité en santé des populations migrantes forcées lors de la pandémie de COVID-19 May 3, 2024
Louis-Emmanuel CHRIQUI Low dose photodynamic therapy promotes vascular E-Selectin expression in malignant pleural mesothelioma which increases immune infiltration and improves tumor control June 7, 2024
Anna LESNIARA-STACHON Eating behaviour and metabolic outcomes in the perinatal period June 25, 2024

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