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UNIL - EPFL host labs for an MD-PhD thesis

Please find below a non-exhausive list of potential UNIL-EPFL Directors of thesis/host labs able to welcome you for an MD-PhD thesis. This list will be updated once a year.

You also have the opportunity to browse the following link to see the UNIL accredited Directors of thesis.

Don't hesitate to contact one or more of them and ask for an appointment to make up your mind!

A - D

Laboratories  Thesis Directors Subject proposed  
Anaesthesiology Suter Marc

Understanding the neuro-immune mechanisms of chronic pain

Biomedical sciences Amati Francesca

Translational research in aging and muscle metabolism: from subcellular organelle contacts to whole organisms.

Biomedical sciences Knobloch Marlen

Metabolic regulation of neural stem cells. The role of lipid droplets in the brain during development, adulthood and in aging.

Biomedical sciences Tzanoulinou Stamatina

Neurobiological mechanisms of social stress.

Biomedical sciences Widmann Christian

Uptake mechanisms of cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) and physiological proteins bearing CPP sequences such as homeoproteins. Molecular characterization of a newly discovered endocytic pathway.

Center for Integrative Genomics Larsch Johannes

1. Discovery of neuronal cell types controlling social behavior in zebrafish.
2. Genetic mapping of extreme social behavior.
3. Circuit tracing & manipulation during social behavior.

Center for Integrative Genomics Reymond Alexandre

Genetic of autosomal recessive intellectual disability and developmental delay

Center for Integrative Genomics Van Leeuwen Jolanda

Global analysis of suppressor mutations that rescue human genetic defects: “Monogenic” diseases often show diversity in disease severity across patients, which can be due to the presence of modifier mutations. Using genetic screens in cultured human cells, we aim to identify such modifier genes, to better understand differences in disease severity.

Clinical neurosciences Crottaz-Herbette Sonia

Brain reorganization and cognitive functions recovery after stroke

Clinical neurosciences Ryvlin Philippe

Use of large language model to help the diagnosis of Neurological disorders. 


E - F

Laboratories  Thesis Directors  Subject proposed
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Sykiotis Gerasimos

Role of the Keap1/Nrf2 antioxidant response system in the thyroid gland

Environmental Health Unit/Unisanté Berthet Aurélie

Research on environmental health and how pollutants may impact human health

EPFL-Endocrinology Brisken Cathrin

1.Clinical Validation of an ex vivo assay for testing hormone and drug responses in hormone-sensitive breast cancer
2. Mechanisms of action of the embryonic estrogen, estetrol

EPFL-STI GHI Fellay Jacques

Human Genomics of Infection and Immunity

EPFL-SV BMI Herzog Michael Hans

1. The time course of age-related macular degeneration by using an innovative test battery evaluating both structural and functional aspects of the visual system
Exploring the pathology and genetics of psychotic disorders

EPFL-SV GHI Persat Alexandre

Mechanical regulation of bacterial airway infection.

EPFL-SV IBI Auwerx Johan

Genetic and Metabolic Control of Aging and Healthspan


Deplancke Bart

Studying the genetic and molecular basis of complex diseases such as obesity and cancer using (single cell) omic technologies / approaches: We currently look for MD-PhD candidate researchers interested in studying human adipose tissue function.

EPFL-SV ISREC Oricchio Elisa

Identification of new therapeutic targets and development of new models to study response to therapies in cancer.

EPFL-SV ISREC Thomä Nicolas

Towards understanding the mechanism of selective estrogen receptor degraders (SERDs)

EPFL-SV SSV Ramdya Pavan

Uncovering motor control principles in the fly. Using light-sheet microscopy, maching learning, and neural network modeling to identify principles guiding adaptive behavior for application in robotics.

Epidemiology and Health Systems/Unisanté Avendano Pabon Mauricio

The impact of public policies on health; inequalities in health; impact of mental health interventions on young people; the determinants of healthy ageing

Epidemiology and Health Systems/Unisanté Peytremann Bridevaux Isabelle

Various topics possible, using quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods, within the above mentioned research activity that is linked to the Swiss COhort of Health Professionals and Informal CAregivers (SCOHPICA)

Family Medicine Müller Chabloz Yolanda

Clinical research in family medicine

Fundamental Microbiology Veening Jan-Willem

Origins and spread of antibiotic resistance in Gram-positive bacteria

Fundamental Oncology Gfeller David

Deciphering TCR-epitope recognition with high throughput screening and artificial intelligence

Fundamental Oncology Ho Ping-Chih 

Immunoemtabolic crosstalk in tumor evoluation and metastasis


G - O

Laboratories   Thesis Directors Subject proposed
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Gouttenoire Jérôme

Molecular virology and pathogenesis of hepatitis C and E

Global and Environmental Health/Unisanté D'Acremont Valérie

Global and environmental health

Heart and Vessel Rosenblatt-Velin Nathalie

Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of thoracic aortic aneurysms in order to develop therapeutic options.

Immunobiology Esser-von Bieren Julia

Macrophage reprogramming in asthma & nasal polyposis

Immunobiology Martinon Fabio

Regulation of inflammasomes in autoinflammatory diseases

Immunology and Allergy Muller Yannick

Laboratory for advanced cell therapies in autoimmunity and allergies

Immunology and Allergy Perez Laurent

The project aims at interrogating the human immune repertoire to identify and characterize antibodies with potential therapeutic interest. Monoclonal antibodies have been successfully used as drugs for prophylaxis treatment against infectious diseases.

Infectious Diseases Kaufmann Daniel

Immunological consequences of spontaneous HIV reservoir activity during suppressive ART

Institute of Humanities in Medicine (IHM) Fauvel Aude

History of medicine, of psychiatry, of women in medicine and nursing

Institute of Humanities in Medicine (IHM) Jox Ralf

- Clinical ethics support
- Neuroethics and ethics of biotechnology including AI
- End-of-life decision making
- Selected topics in research ethics and public health ethics

Institute of Humanities in Medicine (IHM) Monnais Laurence History of medicine and health (in particular: global health, immunization policies and vaccine hesitancy, history of infectious diseases, post-colonial studies, alternative medicines and medical pluralism, history and anthropology of health in Southeast Asia, history and anthropology of pharmaceuticals, migrant health, community health)
Institute of Sport Sciences (ISSUL) Botré Francesco

Direct and indirect methods to detect the abuse of performance enhancing substances and methods in sport

Internal medicine D'Amelio Patrizia

Maintaining Immune and Mitochondrial functions in Old adults with SAfe nutrition: the MIMOSA project

Internal medicine Wuerzner Grégoire Deciphering the mechanism of central blood pressure regulation in patients with Parkinson disease associated with orthostatic hypotension
Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Biology/ISREC Gönczy Pierre

Uncovering centriole number control mechanisms in health and cancer

Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DMPL) Chén Oliver Yibing Artificial intelligence in medicine.
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DMPL) Ciuffi Angela

Characterization of novel candidate factors impacting HIV life cycle

Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DMPL) Greub Gilbert

Chlamydiae: understanding their  strategies used to corrupt eucaryotic cells

Neonatology Giannoni Eric

1. Neonatal immune responses to bacterial pathogens
Neonatal sepsis

2. Accelerating detection of neonatal sepsis (ADONIS): a machine learning-based approach

Neuroheuristic Research Group Villa Alessandro

Mindscope: Bridging the gap between fast optical brain imaging and neuronal dynamics during decision making

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imging Prior John

Radiomics in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging: Radiomics extracts a large number of features from medical imaging data with the goal of uncovering patterns and characteristics failing to appear to the human observer, but able to characterize better and deeper a pathology, predict therapy response of the apparition of side effects. 
Cardiac perfusion analysis on myocardium manifolds using geometric deep learning and quantitative [82Rb] PET imaging (CADENCE).

Obstetric, Gestational diabetes Puder Jardena

Brain reactions to food during pregnancy.
Eating behavior in pregnancy and metabolic health

Occupational and Environmental Health Hopf Nancy

Cancer effect biomarkers in HBM - the micronuclei frequency in harvested human buccal cells associated with exposure to air pollutants.

Oncology Rufer Nathalie

Identifying high-avidity and high-quality individual T-cells in cancer patients.

Ophthalmology Ansar Muhammad

Exploring Novel Inherited Retinal Disease Genes, Pathways, and Therapeutic Prospects

Ophthalmology Ionta Silvio

Studying visuomotor interactions in the human brain by modulating neural activity in visual regions and measuring both neural and behavioral motor outputs.


P - Z

Laboratories  Thesis Directors  Subject proposed
Pulmonology Ubags Niki

Host-microbiome interactions in respiratory diseases

Radiology Hagmann Patric

Brain connectivity mapping, Brain functional electro-dynamics, Psychosis, Brain morphometry and microstructure, Brain-Behavior relationship

Radiology Murray Micah

Multisensory processes across the lifespan & Development of non-invasive brain imaging/mapping technologies

Rheumathology Geurts Jeroen

The role of bone marrow adipocytes and derived lipids in regulating pathological bone remodeling in osteoarthritis. 

Swiss BioMotion Lab Favre Julien

Movement analysis and rehabilitation, imaging of the musculoskeletal system, biomedical engineering

Swiss BioMotion Lab Jolles-Haeberli Brigitte The Swiss BioMotion Laboratory runs various projects aiming at improving the understanding, prevention and treatment of joint pathologies.

Transplantation Immunopathology Service

Golshayan Déla

Immune determinants of graft rejection and outcome after kidney transplantation.

Vulnerabilities and social medicine- Unisanté

Bodenmann Patrick

Our research lines gloabally aim to 1) identify populations with health inequities and describe the mechanisms driving these inequities; 2) co-develop, conduct, evaluate and disseminate interventions aimed at improving health equity in close collaboration with the target populations (community-based participatory research).

Woman-mother-child (DFME) Tolsa Jean-François

Vascular reactivity in physiological and pathological conditions: Regulation of the human umbilical circulation in pregnancies with harmonious or restricted fetal growth

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