'Having fun has to be taken seriously'

Ready to run! (and promote physically active lifestyle - mirrored in acylcarnitine signature)


Liquid nitrogen lesson - Rebecc's special effects (not shown)

Abi-Rebec-sample prep.jpg

Size matters?

Sushi party.jpg

Paddle expedition...only for team building purpose


Think globally - act locally : portables air-conditioners slowed down the climate change in the lab


Rebecca in action...ice melting


Tony's cuite

Fun 1.jpg

CIG symposium on metabolism, molecules, diseases and personalized health - conclusion: Apple juice is bad for your health!


We did it all, beer tasting, carrot cake & coffee tasting, cheese and Chinese fondu tasting, "buffet Canadian" and Colombian dulce de leche, low and high fat, gouda and gruyere,...and metabolized more than 50 projects!


Vera's goodbye fondue


Marine and her MEP souvenirs


Marine 2.jpg

Colin in punk phase of eicosanoid method setup


Vera van der Velpen in Haag visiting her country for Metabolomics Society Meeting 2019

Vera in Haag.jpg

Vera & Flo working hard on statistical modeling


When Tony gets emotional...France (not Macron) scored

Tony_France scored.jpg

Hector in Seattle (Metabolomics 2018)...in front of his American size poster

Hector Seattle-crop1200x1188.jpg

Vera speaking...on Alzheimer's

Vera's presentation.jpg


Not anymore.jpg

Fondu effect

Getting there.jpg

Tony makes sure that his best friend is in the best shape

Something went wrong.jpg

RFMF 2017 in Disneyland

RFMF 2018.jpg

MSACL 2016 chairing in Salzburg

MSACL 2016 chairing.jpg

Tony's coming out in Salzburg 2016

MSACL 2016 poster session-crop899x600.jpg

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