International Workshop 2017

Citizens, Parties and Leaders in European Uncertainty Claims for the National Sovereignty

University of Lausanne - 10-11 November 2017/Géopolis, Room 2218


Oscar Mazzoleni & Andrea Pilotti (Université de Lausanne)/Luca Verzichelli & Linda Basile (Università di Siena)


Gianfranco Baldini (Università di Bologna) & Edoardo Bressanelli (King’s College, London) - (Mis-)managing the integration cleavage: how the EU is drifting British parties apart.

Prof. Oscar Barberà (Universitat de València) - Discussant.

Dr. Diego Garzia, Frederico Ferreira da Silva & Andrea De Angelis (Universität Luzern & European University Institute) - Populist parties and leader effects between Television and the Internet.

Prof. Reinhard Heinisch & Fabian Habersack (Universität Salzburg) - The Reconstruction of National Sovereignty in Austrian Electoral Politics.

Prof. Emanuele Massetti (University of Surrey) - Competing Visions of National Sovereignty: Scottish Independentism Before and After Brexit.

Prof. Oscar Mazzoleni (Université de Lausanne) & Dr. Gilles Ivaldi (CNRS, Université de Nice) - The Radical Right’s Politics of Economic Nationalism: A comparison between the French Front National  and the Swiss People’s Party.

Dr. Sean Mueller, Dr. Anja Heidelberger & Dr. Julian Bernauer (Universität Bern & Universität Mannheim) - Swiss Sovereignty between Democracy and Europe. The nationalist use of referenda in foreign policy.

Prof. Luca Verzichelli & Dr. Linda Basile (Università di Siena) - Transnational solidarity vis-à-vis national sovereignty: citizens and elites on alternative visions to facing contemporary crises.

Dr. Annika Werner (Griffith University, Brisbane) - Discussant.

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