Career Café

December 10th, room B305 (CLE-Epalinges)

In collaboration with the Graduate Campus


Preparing your job interview workshop

November 26th, Room F305, Epalinges, 9am-12pm

Objective: How to prepare for a job interivew

Trainers: SOC-UNIL


Project management workshop

November 16th, Room F308, Epalinges, 9am-5pm

Objective: An introduction to Project Management

Traniers: PMI Switzerland


Post-doc fellowship opportunities workshop

November 14th, La Ferme, Epalinges, 1pm-3pm

Objective: An opportunity to learn about different fellowships available after a PhD

Trainer: Dr. Claire Arnold, Career Research Support Centre, UNIL


Roundtable on Academic Careers

November 7th, Room F305, Epalinges, 4pm-6pm

Objective: An opportunity to learn about academic career paths after a PhD, discuss and network.


Prof. Sara Mitri, DMF, UNIL

Prof. Fabio Martinon, DB, UNIL

Prof. Sophie Martin, DMF, UNIL

Prof. Nicolas Fasel, DB, UNIL


Applications for Non-academic opportunities

October 31st, Room B308, Epalinges

Organised in collaboration with the Graduate Campus


Careers Roundtable for Masters students in Medical Biology

October 7th, Auditorium Mayor, CHUV

Objective: An opportunity  to learn about career options following a Masters in Medical Biology.

In collaboration with the Biology School of the FBM.


CV checks morning

September 10th

Trainer: Skills for Scientists team


Applications for non-academic opportunities

June 26th. Organised in collaboration with the Graduate Campus


Science to Market, Skills to better prepare yourself.

June 17th. Organised in collaboration with InnoSuisse, the PACTT and the Biopôle


11:00     Introduction by Skills for Scientists (Slavica Masina, FBM, UNIL)
11:05     Presentation of
Biopôle and Startlab (Olivier Philippe)
11:15     Case study: The Journey of translating research results into a commercial product
(Iwan Maerki, Abionic)
11:30     Support from Technology Transfer Office (Celine Lafourcade)
Innosuisse Business Concept training (Lan Zuo Gillet)
11:55     Further coaching - Marco Ruedi (EPFL Innovation Park)
12:05     Q&A
12:10     Visit of
12:30     Lunch & Networking


Visit of the Biopôle

Special visit for Students! Organised in collaboration with the Biopôle and SOC-UNIL

May 23rd

The programme:
09.00-09.30       Presentation of the Biopôle, Olivier Philippe, Director of Business Development and Corporate Relations at Biopôle SA
09.30-09.45       Presentation of the new “CAS in Life Science Product Management”, Thierry Weber, coordinator
09.45-10.15       Visit of Startlab, the life sciences incubator with fully equipped laboratory. During the visit we will meet some of the start-ups
10.15-10.45       Digital health Hub, the newly opened hub for e-health. During the visit some of the companies will present.
10.45-11.45       Networking coffee, companies of the Biopôle are invited to participate as well



Preparing your job interview

May 14th, room B305 (CLE-Epalinges). 9am-12.30pm

This workshop has been cancelled

Maximum 8 participants, open to PhDs and Post-docs

This workshop is organised in collaboration with the SOC-UNIL. The workshop will start with a discussion to answer any questions from the participants and will then follow with role-play interviews and feedback based on the job application that you submit prior to the start of the workshop. The job application should include a job announcement together with your CV and motivation letter that are written for the specific job announcement.


Career Café

May 6th, room B305 (CLE-Epalinges)

In collaboration with the Graduate Campus


Getting your PhD to a good start

April 16th, room B305 (CLE-Epalinges)

In collaboration with the Graduate Campus


Roundtable " Alternative careers with a PhD in life sciences"

March 5th, 12pm-2pm, room B305 (CLE-Epalinges)

Objective: An opportunity to learn about career paths after a PhD, discuss and network. A light lunch will be served.


Iveth Gonzalez (FBM-Alumni-PhD), currently working at Terre des Hommes, Lausanne

Céline Genton (FBM-Alumni-PhD), currently working at the European Respiratory Society, Lausanne

Jérôme Wuarin, currently working at the FBM dean's office

Mirjam Curno (FBM-Alumni-Post-doc), currently working at Frontiers media


Science communication workshop for PhDs

February 11th, 18th and 25th, room B305 (CLE-Epalinges)

Detailed description and schedule.


Project Management course for Post-docs

January 11th and 28th, all day, room B305 (CLE-Epalinges)

Organised by the APNS



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