Campus UNIL

UNIL Campus

A Green Campus

UNIL strongly promotes a green campus with a policy of recycling and green energy and supports the use of public transport. For the past 25 years, UNIL has also used a distinctive ecological lawnmower, which has become its mascot: sheep! You can see them as you walk around the campus, or while cycling if you rent bikes on campus through Publibike.

Please recycle and help us to keep our beautiful campus green and our city clean.

Sports Facilities

As a participant in a UNIL summer school, you will have access to the sports facilities on campus. During the academic year, 143 sporting disciplines are offered on campus, by qualified sports coaches. Take the opportunity to discover new sporting activities, learn and to improve. The list of sports available for you during your summer school will be available shortly.


UNIL offers no fewer than ten food-service locations on campus, serving a wide variety of hot and cold dishes and drinks, to take away or eat in. Check your course’s page to find out whether lunches are included in your tuition fees. If so, you will receive meal vouchers you can use for meals available in the main cafeteria.

You can also visit Zelig, a student non-profit organisation, where you can enjoy a drink, play games, listen to music, chat, read comics or just relax.

Lake Geneva

The University of Lausanne is lucky enough to be situated on the shores of Lake Geneva. Do not forget to take your swimsuit, to enjoy a swim, a boat ride or a wind surfing class!

Château de Dorigny - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 20 20