3. 6 December 2021 : The Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET) Standard and Tax Measures

The Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET) Standard and Tax Measures  – 6 December 2021, 14.00 – 16.00 CET


Introduction and Welcome  Prof. Eva Lein  (University of Lausanne)

Contours and Trends of the FET Standard Prof. August Reinish  (University of Vienna)

The FET Standard’s Interpretation in Light of the Cairn Energy AwardSebastian Wuschka (University of Lausanne)

The FET Standard’s Relationship with Domestic and International Tax MeasuresProf. Robert Danon (University of Lausanne)

Panel Discussion: The Practical Impact of the FET Standard in Tax-related Disputes

Chair: Matthias Scherer (Lalive, Geneva)

Panelists: Dr. Rita Cunha (Independent Tax Lawyer and Arbitrator), Prof. Diane Desierto (University of Notre Dame), Prof. Sjoerd Douma (University of Amsterdam) & Prof. Adolfo Martin Jiménez (University of Cádiz)

Concluding Remarks – Prof. Robert Danon / Sebastian Wuschka (University of Lausanne)

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