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Bachelor in Biology

The three first years of study lead to the grade of Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and worth 180 ECTS credits. They give a vision as large as possible from the various fields of Biology and from the different level organizations of the living from molecules to ecosystems. 

Many courses are completed with practical work which is gradually more linked to the research labs with the advancement of studies. An offer of optional courses and modules allows various and detailed pathways. Such a Bachelor develop students who are curious, independant, motivated and have critical minds with silmutaneously offering a solid and large base in Biology. This permit to the students to have access to a broad choice of Masters which are specialized in the Life Sciences.

The Bachelor represents an intermediated step. This is a basic training recognized to the european scale.

First year of the Bachelor in Pharmacy

The University of Lausanne manages only the first year of the Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

After succeeding the exams of the first year (60 ECTS credits), the students pursue their programme at the University of Geneva (Section of the pharmaceutical sciences). They can also continue their studies at the ETHZ (in Zurich) or at the University of Basel.

For more informations on the programme proposed at the University of Geneva, please look at the website of the "Section des Sciences pharmaceutiques":

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