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Admission conditions for a Doctorate programme for candidates with a Swiss university Master

Students wishing to obtain a doctorate must be judged formally eligible for the doctoral programme by the Admissions Service. They must have a Master issued by a Swiss university or Swiss university of applied sciences.

Candidates must also satisfy the following requirements:

Agreement of a professor to act as thesis supervisor;

Agreement of the Faculty.

Online enrolment and preparation of your application
Access to the online enrolment and the list of the documents you have to send by postal mail. 
(there is no need to send the documents by mail or fax in parallel)

Do not forget to take note of all the information mentioned below.

You have obtained or will obtain a Master degree at UNIL and wish to pursue your studies with a doctorate




How to enrol at UNIL

Keep to the specific deadlines regarding your application
You have to submit your complete application to the Admissions Service :

Autumn semester 2014/2015:
before 31 July 2014

Spring semester 2015:
before 30 November 2014


The prospective PhD student must also send the two copies of the completed and signed PdD form to his/her thesis director. The link to the form is provided in the online application and in the email acknowledging receipt sent immediately after the confirmation by the candidate (to be printed out by him/her).

The thesis director signs and forwards the form to the Doctoral School or the Dean’s Office, who stamps and signs the document before returning it to the Admissions Service by 15 October 2014 (autumn semester 2014/2015) or 28 February 2014 (spring semester 2014). It is therefore important for the candidate to forward the PhD form to the thesis director without delay.

Important: doctoral students must be registered at UNIL from the beginning to the end of their doctorate (i.e. until their thesis is registered at the Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire) (registration of the thesis after 15 October: enrolment required for the Autumn semester / after 28 February: enrolment required for the Spring semester).

Processing of your application in Doctorate
What happens once you have confirmed your online enrolment and sent the required documents.

Online enrolment and preparation of your application
Access to the online enrolment and list of the documents to be sent by postal mail.

Register for the Service courses (“cours d’appoint”) or the vacation courses for non-French speakers
If you wish to take French courses beside your regular studies.


 in this site:


the French version of the registration conditions prevails

savoirs et performances
Internet database describing all the research units at UNIL


Assistant UNIL & Doctorat

Selon l'art. 6 du règlement sur les assistants de l'Université de Lausanne du 13 juin 2007 :

"L'assistant diplômé est porteur d'un grade d'une haute école donnant accès à l'inscription au doctorat à l'Université de Lausanne. Il doit être inscrit en thèse au plus tard douze mois après son premier engagement."




Doctorant financé par des fonds externes

La Directive de la Direction 1.31. - Doctorant financé par des fonds externes mentionne à l'art. 1 al. 2 et 3 :

"Le doctorant est porteur d’un grade d’une haute école universitaire donnant accès à
l’immatriculation à l’Université de Lausanne et à l’inscription au sein d’une faculté en
tant que doctorant.

Il doit être inscrit en thèse au plus tard douze mois après son premier engagement. Le
Décanat de la Faculté confirme au Service des ressources humaines l’inscription
formelle du doctorant en thèse au plus tard durant le 13ème mois qui suit la date du
début du 1er engagement."

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