Terms and Conditions of Employment for Full or Associate Professor

Recruitment process

Submit an application file

The application includes at least :

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of diplomas, in particular the doctoral degree

In addition, the application file must meet the requirements of the job offer.

Application file analysis

A Nominating Committee is appointed to manage the recruitment process of a Full or Associate Professor.

Its role includes analysing the applications and selecting candidates for interview.

Interviews and public lectures

Successful candidates are invited to at least one interview and a public lecture with the presentation committee.

Presentation Committee Report

Following the interviews and the public lecture, the presentation committee draws up a report which is submitted to the Faculty Council via the Dean's Office.

Once the report and its proposals have been pre-advised by the Faculty Council, the report is forwarded to the Rectorate for decision.

Wage setting

When the report is submitted to the Rectorate, the initial salary is set for the first-time candidate in coordination between the Rectorate and the Human Resources.

How is the salary of an Full or Associate Professor calculated?

Experience is determined by the period between the date of appointment and the date of completion of the doctoral thesis, minus 5 years.

Where the difference between the date of appointment and the date of completion of the doctorate is less than 5 years (60 months), the starting salary is set at the minimum of the scale.


  • Date of appointment: 1st August 2022
  • Date of obtaining doctorate: 1st September 2008
  • Calculation rule: subtract 5 years

Calculation for setting the starting salary

  •     2022 - 2008 = 13
  •     13 - 5 = 8
  •     Step retained: 9

From step 1 + 8 additional

The Human Resources is responsible for setting the salary.

More info on salaries

Decision of the Rectorate of the University of Lausanne

The Rectorate adopts the conclusions of the commission's report and meets the first-time candidate to validate his·her commitment.


The Human Resources draws up the employment contract.

It informs the Welcome Centre of this engagement in order to prepare its arrival.

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