Elite Executive Education Program


This program offers high-quality management training courses tailored to the Chinese executive elites. It aims to set up a bridge for mutual exchange and communication between Chinese business elites and Swiss banks, multinational corporations and small and medium-sized companies. The teaching team is composed of academic professors from internationally renowned institutions and external experts with extensive experiences from multinational companies or international organizations. The combination of these two types of teaching staff makes the training courses rich and diverse, with interaction between theory and practice. Moreover, the program also offers participants opportunities to visit world-renowned multinational companies to explore the secrets of their success and to experience Swiss corporate culture and folk culture.

Within 3 to 15 days, our tailored Elite Executive Education Program provides participants an international, rich and independent-thinking learning experience which contains the following five modules:

  • Executive Education taught by world-class professors
  • Lectures given by experts from the private sector
  • Discovery of renowned international organizations
  • Visit of prestigious Swiss companies
  • Dip into Swiss and European culture

At the end of the training program, participants will receive an officially recognized training certificate.

Since the establishment of CEFC in 2018, several large state-owned banks in China, such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Development Bank of China, have already benefited from CEFC Elite Executive Education Program.

For more details about the program, we invite you to read our program brochure : CEFC Elite Executive Education Program.

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