Programme Feature

- "Co-teaching" joint training by top business schools

The program fully integrates the traditional business discipline advantages of S UFE with the cutting-edge ideas of UNIL in the new industry and international organization management. A world-class faculty with rich international vision from both universities will help students grow into composite business leaders with solid professional strength, international competitiveness and innovation consciousness.


- In-depth international experience and cutting-edge industry experience accumulation

Based on the elite international MBA program, we provide students with immersive international experience and business practice opportunities to train students' strategic management thinking and composite leadership in the global business environment based on the characteristics of Switzerland's international organizations and leading global financial and life science industries.


- High-quality alumni resources from home and abroad help students to develop their careers

Relying on the extensive influence and alumni system of both universities, students will have plenty of opportunities to have in-depth dialogues with world-renowned professors, entrepreneurs and outstanding alumni, access to a wide range of cross-professional and cross-platform resources and take advantage of advanced opportunities such as "China-Swiss Connect" to help their career and life growth.

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