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Patinkin and the Development of Modern Economic Theory

Patinkin and the Development of Modern Economic Theory

(Published in The european journal of history of economic thought, vol 9, number 2, summer 2002)

Patinkin in Context

Perry Mehrling (Columbia University), What was Monetary Walrasianism?

Roger Backhouse (Birmingham University), Patinkin as a Chronicler of the Keynesian Revolution.

Robert Leeson (Murdoch University) and Warren Young (Bar-Illan University), Patinkin, Expectations, and Chicago.

Stephen Meardon and Elizabeth Smith (Williams College), Tactics and Outcomes in Patinkin's Twin Battles: the last Skirmish of "Keynes and the Classics" and the "Rehabilitation" of Keynesian Economics.

Formation of Patinkin's Ideas

Mauro Boianovsky (Universidade de Brasilia), Patinkin, the Cowles Commission, and the theory of unemployment and aggregate supply

Goulven Rubin (Université de Paris X, Nanterre), From Equilibrium to Disequilibrium, the Genesis of Don Patinkin's interpretation of Keynesian Theory.

Patinkin and Earlie Monetary Traditions

Pascal Bridel (University of Lausanne), Patinkin, Walras and the money-in-the-utility-function tradition.

Robert Dimand (Brock University), Patinkin on Irving Fisher's Monetary Economics.

Patinkin and Chicago-Patinkin as a Referee

Robert Leeson (Murdoch University), Keynes, Chicago and Friedman: resolving the dispute over the quantity theory oral tradition

Shauna Saunders (Duke University), Patinkin and Talmudic Readings in the History of Economics.

Involuntary Unemployment

Michel de Vroey (Université catholique de Louvain), Can slowly adjusting wages explain Involuntary Unemployment? A critical re-examination of Patinkin's theory of involuntary unemployment.

Edith Klimovski, (Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico-City), Involuntary Unemployment and Neo-classical Synthesis: D. Patinkin's theory.

Keynesian Economics.

Ingo Barens (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Patinkin on Keynesian Economics and Hicksian IS-LM.

Sylvie Rivot (Université Louis-Pasteur, Strasbourg), Patinkin on Involuntary Unemployment: Are Wage Cuts a Good Remedy to Unemployment?

Patinkinian Perspectives

Mario Amendola (Università di Roma-La Sapienza), Jean-Luc Gaffard (Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Institut Universitaire de France et Observatoire Francais des Conjonctures Economiques), Unemployment as a Disequilibrium Phenomenon: the Patinkin Perspective Revisited.

Dario Togati (Università di Torino), Patinkin and Current Macroeconomics

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