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  • - The Online Source for World Trade Law has two aspects. First, there is the free portion of the site, which is available to anyone who surfs the web. This aspect of the site consists of several elements, including the following: well-organized and easy-to-access primary source documents related to international trade law; a full-text search engine for GATT/WTO decisions; a large collection of links to other sources of information on the web; and a discussion forum. Second, we also offer our own analysis of certain trade law issues through an annual subscription service we call "Dispute Settlement Commentary." Through this service, we provide summary and critical analysis of all new WTO Panel and Appellate Body reports within 1-3 weeks after they are circulated to the WTO Members. In addition, we have completed this same summary and analysis for all past WTO reports, and have created an index of legal provisions and terms for these reports:
  • WTO Dispute Settlement: One-Page Case Summaries
  • WTO Dispute Settlement: WTO Analytical Index

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