Post-Doc Positions

We encourage suitable candidates to apply for third-party funded post-doc positions. We can provide all the necessary infrastructure and support to accepted candidates. Check out the following schemes:

In adition the following sites facilitate funding opportunities:

Please contact your desired supervior early if you consider applying for one of these schemes and be aware of the stringent deadlines. In order to obtain an acceptance/invitation letter by a supervisor send your full application (including cv, motivation letter and two reference letters by your previous university professors) to your desired supervisor.

At the University of Lausanne you can benefit from the all the services and programmes offered by the Graduate Campus and the Welcome Center.

For women we recommend in addition the Réseau Romand de Mentoring.

We would also like to recommend active participation in the Schweizerisches Nachwuchsforum Öffentliches Recht / Forum suisse pour la relève en droit public / Forum svizzero per le giovani leve nell’ambito del diritto pubblico.


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