Biaggi de Blasys Award for PhD thesis of Dr. Alejandro Osorio-Forero

Dr. Alejandro Osorio-Forero, former PhD student in the laboratory of Prof. Anita Luthi, has been awarded the Biaggi de Blasys Award for his PhD thesis. This award is bestowed upon the best PhD thesis in the Lemanic Area. Alejandro’s thesis describes the discovery of  noradrenaline fluctuations during sleep, which reverses textbook knowledge of noradrenaline being neurotransmitter for wakefulness. His thesis has spurred the interest in noradrenergic activity in human sleep and in its disruptions in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative conditions.

The Luthilab thanks the sponsor Dr. Biaggi de Blasys for this award and the selection committee for their recognition of this work.

This is already the third time that the Luthi lab has received the Biaggi de Blasys award, making it rank amongst the most awarded labs in the Lemanic Area.

Osorio_Blasis Award.jpg