How to use the EuTEACH curriculum on this website

The EuTEACH website provides various resources useful for professionals who wish to build and implement courses, training sessions or a curriculum on adolescent health and medicine. It is also a learning resource for people less experienced in the field of adolescent health.

The "What to TEACH" section contains 25 modules with related slides covering basic themes, specific themes and public health themes regarding adolescent health and medicine, which are useful to define the goals, the objectives and the content of teaching sessions. This section also provides many useful resources such as scientific papers, websites, etc. 

The "How to TEACH" section provides guidance for effective teaching as applied to adolescent health and medicine e.g. how to implement a training session, how to use interactive teaching methods and examples of how to interview adolescents that may be used for teaching.

Depending of what you need to build and implement your course, you may choose to use one or more of the following resources :

Important notes

Users of the curriculum are strongly encouraged to read the "How to TEACH" section since the EuTEACH modules contain advice on what educational approaches may be used for specific learning objectives. 

Users who are not familiar with adolescent medicine should refer to the short description of the key concepts used throughout this curriculum.

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