Individual research grant


The Foundation supports individual research projects for UNIL-based researchers




The following are eligible:

  • Post-doctoral fellows from all faculties.
  • Doctoral students in human and social sciences (starting from the third year of thesis)

The following are not eligible:

  • Doctoral students having worked in a degreed assistant position at UNIL for 5 years
  • Researchers whose requests concern educational training (CAS, MAS, and Summer/Winter Schools)
  • Researchers from the Department of Geoscience and Environment and Biology and Medicine whose theses (or MD) are not yet completed
  • Researchers from the faculties of human and social sciences who are at the start of their thesis work (before the 3rd year) and cannot yet list several publications (colloquia reports, seminars, working papers)
  • Researchers who are currently recipients of or arriving at the end of an SNF grant

To keep in mind:

  • Applicants must wait five years between funding requests made in the same category
  • Requests cannot be made for projects that have already taken place and are completed.




The Foundation does not fund salaries, working costs, or ongoing maintenance costs connected to submitted projects.

The candidate is responsible for requesting other funding in parallel.


Deadline to submit a grant application


For a request of equal to or less than CHF 3'000.-:

  • Submit online before the 25th of the month
  • Response time: 6 to 8 weeks starting from the 25th of the month

For a request of more than CHF 3'000.-:

  • Submit online before:
    • February 20
    • May 5
    • October 1
  • Response time: 6 to 8 weeks after these set dates


Required documents


The following documents must be uploaded in PDF form during the online application process:

  • Letter of Motivation (1-page, A4) summarizing the targeted goals,
  • CV with a list of publications from the previous 5 years,
  • A research plan
  • Current state of research in the field, the originality of the project or its importance for advancing science
  • Project Timetable - calendar or Gantt chart,
  • A detailed budget
  • Two letters of recommendation


Apply for funding


Before connecting to submit your application online, prepare your entire file in PDF format.

The file may be submitted in French or in English.

Submit my application online

The platform for submitting your application is optimized for Chrome and Firefox.


Select: Demandes subsides FUNIL

Account name: Funil
Password: leave empty


Reports to include


The Foundation must receive a 2-page scientific report and a financial report, with supporting documents, by the deadline mentioned in the award letter.


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