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Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne)

Corporate digital responsibility: the solution to a difficult digital dilemma?
Insights into research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL – The multiple ethical issues raised by new digital technologies. In a recent research paper, Prof. Mueller and his co-authors introduce the concept of corporate digital responsibility and set out a framework to guide organisations and senior managers on how to handle it.
Baromètre conjoncturel (conjoncture romande et suisse) - n°99
Janvier 2021 | Evolution jusqu'au premier trimestre 2021
Three professors at HEC Lausanne have received the Decennial Article Award from the...
John Antonakis, Samuel Bendahan and Rafael Lalive, who are all professors at HEC Lausanne (UNIL) and Philippe Jacquart (EM Lyon Business School and a former student at HEC Lausanne), have received an award recognising the impact of one of their articles over the last 10 years. The prize was awarded by The Leadership Quarterly, one of the leading journals in the field of leadership, management and applied psychology.
Quand la microbiologie et le management font bon ménage
Tous les jours, le service de microbiologie du CHUV analyse des prélèvements afin de déterminer si des personnes ont été infectées par le coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Les quantités de résultats d’analyses générées peuvent être visualisées en temps réel et faciliter la gestion du laboratoire grâce à un outil informatique développé par le Département des opérations de la Faculté des HEC, en étroite collaboration avec le service de microbiologie.
13 prizes awarded to professors for the quality of their teaching and their ability...
The Deanship of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne recently awarded the “HEC Lausanne Best Teacher Awards” to 11 teachers who distinguished themselves for the success of their courses as evaluated by students. This year, two new prizes have been awarded to teachers who have been particularly innovative in adapting their courses during the pandemic period.
Recent top publications
Caglio, A., Melloni G., Perego P., (2019). Informational Content and Assurance of Textual Disclosures: Evidence on Integrated Reporting. European Accounting Review, 1-29.
Chavez-Demoulin, V. Extreme quantile estimation for Beta-mixing time series and applications. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics.
Jondeau E., Zhang Q., Zhu X. (in press). Average skewness matters. Journal of Financial Economics.
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