Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics

Fieldwork in Siberia
IDYST members Leanne Phelps and Aline Buri have been spending July in Tura and Putorana in Central Siberia collecting peat and lake sediment cores.
Results of the survey on the needs and uses of FGSE researchers
The survey, conducted between April 9 and May 9 2019 among FGSE researchers gathered 51 responses. In particular, it made it possible to update the research support website. It has notably helped to update the research support website.
Call for papers - Transformative research and education in mountains
CIRM, MRI, and FoLAP are organizing a symposium on the future of research and training for the transformation of mountain regions. We welcome contributions from the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities working on this topic, both in Switzerland and around the world.
Interview de François Mettra
Inondations dans le Val-de-Ruz: interview de François Mettra, hydrologue et prévisionniste
Interview de Nathalie Chèvre
Le National rejette les initiatives populaires sur l'interdiction des pesticides
Nico Batz has been awarded the British Society for Geomorpology Dick Chorley Award...
Nico Batz has been awarded the British Society for Geomorphology Dick Chorley Award and Medal for the paper ‘Groundwater controls on biogeomorphic succession and river channel morphodynamics’, Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface. The award is made for a published paper based on PhD research, where the nominee is the first author.
Deux disciplines se rencontrent au CIRM
L’ingénieure forestière Christine Moos et l’historien Alexandre Elsig viennent de commencer leur post-doc sur le site de Sion de l’UNIL. Deux disciplines différentes qui complètent l’équipe de chercheurs post-docs du CIRM.
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