Development, societies, environments

The research group « development, societies, environments » views development as the entity of initiatives and processes aiming to contribute to improved socioeconomic and environmental living conditions. Development projects and processes are studied by taking in consideration actors, practices, discourses and values.

The geographical perspective applied allows for an articulation of the socio-spatial scales in the analysis of contemporary development problems and is organized around three interrelated axes:

The group favours a constructivist approach that seeks a decompartmentalization of academic knowledge by focusing on the links between local knowledge, scientific research and their possible applications in terms of practical solutions. Research and teaching undertaken by the research group are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, based on critical theories of social, political and economic geography in particular, but also on political ecology, ecological and institutional economics as well as socio-anthropology. Research is grounded in empirical work in varied socio-spatial contexts, including South and South-eastern Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean, Latin America, and Europe. We collaborate regularly with non-academic organizations at local, national and international levels.