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Composed of about 100 members, the Institute of geography and sustainability (IGD) is an interdisciplinary institute that combines competences of various fields of human and social sciences (geography, economy, philosophy, anthropology, political sciences), cartography and statistics, as well as physical geography. The focus is on research on sustainability with six priority objectives:

Each researcher is attached to one or more of these poles of research. In addition, the institute offers competences in certain methodological fields, in particular cartography, as well as quantitative and qualitative methods in the fields of geography and social sciences.

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Director Prof. Céline Rozenblat
Tél. : +41 21 692 36 13
Deputy director Dr Christophe Mager
Tél. : +41 21 692 30 66
Lausanne Sion
Address Address
Université de Lausanne
Institut de géographie et durabilité
Mouline - Géopolis
CH - 1015 Lausanne
Université de Lausanne
Institut de géographie et durabilité
Site de Sion
Chemin de l'Institut 18
CH - 1967 Bramois (Sion)
Secretariat Secretariat
Géopolis room 3602 Room 216
Marcia Curchod
Tél. : +41 21 692 30 70
Christelle  Monnet
Tél. : +41 27 205 73 22
Carole Oppliger
Tél. : +41 21 692 35 50
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