Ecological transitions

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This transdisciplinary collective aims to deepen various theoretical approaches that deal with transitions, taking root in ecological transitions, otherwise defined as transitions towards strong sustainability.

The debates address in a transversal way the thematic fields of the Institute of geography and sustainability (IGD) mainly on the following questions:

  • Socio-technical transition - Approaches to innovation
  • Actor Network Theory (ANT)
  • Resilience and transition
  • Multi-level adaptive cycles (panarchy)
  • Hybridization theory
  • Hybridization of nature and culture
  • Vision-conception-reflection-revision cycles
  • Socio-environmental studies and ecology
  • Sustainability studies (developments, uncertainties, risks).

This collective, animated at the IGD, wishes to dialogue with the wider scientific community of other UNIL’s institutes and faculties, and even other universities, during events that can be co-organized, in particular with the Competence center in sustainability of the UNIL.