Study permit - visa

Candidates from countries subject to visa restrictions for stays of more than three months must submit their application from abroad. Students must be in possession of their study visas before coming to Switzerland.

To obtain the study visa, candidates must satisfy certain conditions, in particular:
- Indicate clearly the chosen course of study, its planned duration and the diploma they wish to obtain
- Ensure they have reliable and sufficient financial means to meet their requirements during their stay, i.e. at least CHF 2100 per month 
- The candidate's age and previous training must be compatible with the study choice

The fact of meeting the aforementioned conditions does not necessarily mean that a visa will automatically be issued. At all events, the criteria of the competent federal and cantonal authorities prevail.

The Admissions Service cannot intervene in this procedure with the authorities (Embassy, Consulate, Population Office). As these steps can take two to three months, students are advised to undertake them as soon as possible.

In addition to the certificate of admission to registration issued by the University of Lausanne, candidates must submit to the consular authorities the form requested by the Population Office.

Further information for foreign students

Further information for European students (Schengen Area)

More details can be obtained from the Swiss consular authorities.

For more detailed information

Since the procedure for visa applications can be quite lengthy, you are strongly recommended to consult the Swiss consular authorities immediately upon receipt of the certificate of admission to registration.
If, due to a late delivery of the visa, the candidate has been unable to confirm his/her registration within the deadlines at the Admissions Service, the enrolment has to be postponed to the following semester.
Please contact us if you wish to do so.



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