Phosphorus and carbon burial during anoxic events

In this project we investigate the oceanic anoxic events near the Cenomanian/Turonian (OAE2) and Coniacian/Santonian (OAE3) boundaries. We sample sections in different paleogeographic areas and at different paleodepths in more remote areas such as Mexico and Tibet. The goal of the project is to obtain a better understanding of the paleoclimatic, paleoceanographic and paleoenvironmental conditions, which triggered these events and the interactions between the evolution of these events and the environment. We use a multiproxy approach, which includes systematic analyses of phosphorus contents, stable-oxygen and carbon isotopes, trace elements, bulk and clay mineralogy, micropaleontology, and palynology. This approach will hopefully allow us to reconstruct the triggering mechanisms behind increased phosphorus accumulation at the onset of the δ13C shift of OAE2 and to evaluate if similar changes occurred near the onset of OAE3.



Thierry Adatte

Brahimsamba Bomou

Karl Föllmi