Certificate (CQF)

The Certificate of Qualification in French is a language examination wich certifies the French level of the candidates, according to the scale of the CEFR. It is thought for all non-french speakers who wish to have a certification of their level of French. 

Exams take place in the Anthropole building of the Quartier Chamberonne of the UNIL campus.

In order to obtain the CQF one has to deposit a portfolio and pass three exams: a writing exam, a listening and reading comprehension exam and an oral exam. Once the 3 exams have been passed, the CQF is awarded with the mention of the final result. This result is the global language level of the candidate in the terms of the CEFR levels A1 to C1. 

Our Intensive course is an optimal preparation for the CQF as it includes the writing and compilation of a portfolio which is necessary for the admission to the exams. 

You are pre-registered at UNIL?

The Certificate of qualification in French level B1 will allow you not to take the French exam for entering UNIL.

More details available on the Admissions office website.

Next session

Summer 2024

Examinations will take place on Friday August 16 (afternoon) and Saturday August 17, 2024 (all day). 

Please note that, depending on the number of registrations, examinations may be held on Saturdays only. 


CHF 300.- for a CQF registration if you register simultaneously for an intensive course (total price: CHF 1570.-)

CHF 350.- for a CQF registration without course registration

Designations on this website apply equally to men and women.

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