The portfolio

Portfolio submission

In order to be admited to the 3 exams of the CQF you have to submit a portfolio on the provided secure platform within the official deadline.

Composition and use of the portfolio

The portfolio is a language learning journal compiled by the candidate independently. It consits of at least three French as a foreign langage Activity sheets which have to be completed by the candidate. Please refer to the documents and instructions which you will receive once your registration for the exams is confirmed.  

Each portfolio Activity sheet includes 3 tasks (observing, listening, writing) which have to be completed in order to fulfil the various sections of the deposit platform. Each Activity sheet is available in 3 levels of difficulty (A1-A2,  B1-B2 and C1, According to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, hereafter CEFR). For each Activity sheet, the candidate chooses the level of difficulty. Model Activity sheets are be available below.

The portfolio will not be evaluated. It serves as a support for the discussions between the candidate and the examinators during the oral exam.

Model Activity sheets by level of difficulty

Level A1-A2

Level B1-B2

Level C1


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