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Learn French at le FIL de l'EFLE

An Action-oriented Approach for Learning French

Le FIL de l’EFLE has over 125 years of experience and expertise in organizing and designing intensive French courses. Whatever your choice of course and whatever your level, our pedagogy is resolutely action-oriented. In line with the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), our teaching methods consider learners of French as a foreign language to be social actors who are called upon to (inter)act in French in real life. Our aim is thus to provide you with tools, techniques and lots of practical exercises that meet your concrete needs in both oral and written French. At le FIL de l'EFLE, we value collaboration between students, we aim for learners’ autonomy in using French, and we attach great importance to pleasure through learning and teaching.

Taking a FIL de l'EFLE's intensive French course  guarantees a unique experience in a university environment; the discovery of a human-scaled learning space, focused on your concrete needs, making the most of the immersion situation in a French-speaking environment, and benefiting from the latest research developments in the field of teaching/learning French as a foreign language-culture.

Our Pedagogy

Understanding Language Levels : 

The CEFR common reference levels are amply defined in a structured set of illustrative "I can do" descriptors for many categories.

CEFR grid in English


The original descriptors for both the CEFR and the European Language Portfolio are based on those developed as part of a Swiss national research project, as well as on the "threshold levels" specifications developed by the Council of Europe.

CEFR global scale in English

CEFR global scale official translations (multilingual)


The descriptors were developed and extended as part of a large-scale international project that culminated in the publication of the CEFR Companion Volume.

CEFR Companion Volume


Designations on this website apply equally to men and women.

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