Ann-Marie G. de Lange, PhD, Cand. psychol

Maitre-Assistant Ambizione FNS

Centre for Research in Neuroscience - Department of Clinical Neurosciences, CHUV - UNIL


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The overall aim of my research is to increase the understanding of factors and conditions that influence brain and cognitive health across the lifespan. During my PhD, I studied the human potential for brain plasticity using longitudinal neuroimaging data, as part of a cognitive intervention study. After my PhD, I extended my research to brain ageing in large-scale population cohorts, with a particular interest in women's brain health.

I was recently awarded an Ambizione grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation to utilise population-based datasets (e.g. UK Biobank) to study the female brain, and how factors such as pregnancy, hormone exposure, and genetics influence women’s brain health across the lifespan. This ongoing work is a collaborative effort between researchers at several institutions including LREN, NORMENT, and the University of Oxford

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Selected publications

A complete list of publications is available here

de Lange, A. M. G., Kaufmann, T., Quintana, D. S., Winterton, A., Andreassen, O. A., Westlye, L. T., & Ebmeier, K. P. (2021). Prominent health problems, socioeconomic deprivation, and higher brain age in lonely and isolated individuals: A population-based study. Behavioural Brain Research

de Lange, A-M.G., Barth, C., Kaufmann. Maximov, I., van der Meer, D., T., Agartz, I., & Westlye, L. T. (2020) Women's brain aging: effects of sex-hormone exposure, pregnancies, and genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease. Human Brain Mapping 

Barth, C. & de Lange, A-M.G. (2020) Towards an understanding of women's brain aging: the immunology of pregnancy and menopause. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 

Anatürk, M., Kaufmann, T., Cole, J.H., Suri, S., Griffanti, L., Filippini, N., Zsoldos, E., Westlye, T., Ebmeier, K. & de Lange, A-M.G. (2020) Prediction of brain age and cognitive age: quantifying cognitive reserve and brain maintenance in aging. Human Brain Mapping

de Lange, A-M.G., Anatürk, M., Kaufmann, T., Cole, J., Griffanti, L., Zsoldos, E., Jensen, D., Suri, S., Filippini, N.,  Singh-Manoux, A., Kivimäki, M., Westlye, L. T., & Ebmeier, K. (2020) Multimodal brain-age prediction and cardiovascular risk: The Whitehall II MRI study. NeuroImage 

de Lange, A-M.G. & Cole, J.H. (2020) Commentary: Correction procedures in brain-age prediction. Neuroimage Clinical

de Lange, A-M.G., Kaufmann, T., van de Meer, D., Maglanoc, L., Alnæs, D., Moberget, T., Douaud, G., Andreassen, O.A., & Westlye, L.T. (2019) Population-based neuroimaging reveals traces of childbirth in the maternal brain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

de Lange, A-M.G., Bråthen, A.C.S., Rohani, D.A., Fjell, A.M & Walhovd, K.B. (2018) The Temporal Dynamics of Brain Plasticity in Aging. Cerebral Cortex 

Bråthen, A.C.S., de Lange, A-M.G., Rohani, D.A., Sneve, M.H., Fjell, A.M. & Walhovd, K.B. (2018) Multimodal cortical and hippocampal prediction of episodic memory plasticity in young and older adults. Human Brain Mapping

de Lange, A-M.G., Bråthen, A.C.S., Rohani, D.A., Grydeland, H., L., Fjell, A.M. & Walhovd, K.B. (2017) The Effects of Memory Training on Behavioral and Microstructural Plasticity in Young and Older Adults. Human Brain Mapping


2021 - Swiss National Science Foundation, Ambizione (PI)

2020 - Collaboratory on Research Definitions for Reserve and Resilience in Cognitive Aging and Dementia, Pilot Project (Co-PI)

2019 - The Research Council of Norway, FRIPRO Mobility Grant (Project leader)

2018 - South-East Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst), Overseas Mobility Grant (12-month stay at the University of Oxford)  

Employment history

  • 2019 - 2020 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
  • 2019 Visiting researcher, Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB), Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, University of Oxford
  • 2018 - 2019 Postdoctoral Researcher, Multimodal Imaging group, NORMENT: Norwegian Centre for Mental Health Disorders, Oslo University Hospital Ullevål
  • 2017 - 2018 Researcher, Center for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition, University of Oslo


2017 | PhD, Center for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition, University of Oslo
2012 | Cand. psychol (clinical psychologist), Department of Psychology, University of Oslo


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