Bogdan Draganski, MD

Director LREN

Associate Professor FBM, UNIL
Consultant in Neurology
Centre for Research in Neuroscience - Department of Clinical Neurosciences, CHUV - UNIL 



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Associate professor Bogdan Draganski, native Bulgarian, is Consultant Neurologist at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, Director of the neuroimaging laboratory LREN. After qualifying in Clinical Neurology in Germany he spent time working on computational anatomy research in neurodegenerative and movement disorders at the Institute of Neurology, UCL London, UK followed by research at the Max-Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig Germany. 


Professor Draganski’s ongoing projects are in the field of brain health and disease with emphasis on the identification of imaging biomarkers in brain disorders as an aid to the development of new therapeutic approaches in dementia. His wide-ranging research interests cover the broad range of healthy ageing and neurodegenerative disorders. Professor Draganski is Academic Editor for the journals PLOS One, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Journal of Clinical Movement Disorders and is a member of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Scientific Advisory Council, USA.


Selected Publications 

David A. Slater, Lester Melie-Garcia, Martin Preisig, Ferath Kherif, Antoine Lutti, Bogdan Draganski: Evolution of white matter tract microstructure across the life span. Human Brain Mapping 01/2019

Dukart J, Regen F, Kherif F, Colla M, Bajbouj M, Heuser I, Frackowiak RS, Draganski B. Electroconvulsive therapy-induced brain plasticity determines therapeutic outcome in mood disorders. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jan 21;111(3):1156-61.

Draganski B and Kherif F. In vivo assessment of use-dependent brain plasticity – beyond the “one trick pony” strategy. Neuroimage. 2013 Jun;73:255-9

Dukart J, Adaszewski S, Kherif F, Frackowiak RSF and Draganski B. How Early Can We Predict Alzheimer's Disease Using Computational Anatomy? Neurobiol Aging. 2013 Jul 25. doi:pii: S0197-4580(13)00270-4.

Draganski B, Ashburner J, Hutton C, Kherif F, Frackowiak RS, Helms G, Weiskopf N. Regional specificity of MRI contrast parameter changes in normal ageing revealed by voxel-based quantification (VBQ). Neuroimage, 2011 Apr 15;55(4):1423-34

Draganski B, Kherif F, Kloppel S, Cook PA, Deichmann R, Alexander DC, Parker GJM, Ashburner J, and Frackowiak, RSJ. Evidence for segregated and integrative connectivity patterns in the human basal ganglia, J Neurosci. 2008 Jul 9;28(28):7143-52

Pessiglione M, Schmidt L, Draganski B, Kalisch R, Lau H, Dolan RJ, et al. How the brain translates money into force: a neuroimaging study of subliminal motivation. Science 2007; 316: 904-6.

Draganski B, Gaser C, Kempermann G, Kuhn HG, Winkler J, Buchel C, et al. Temporal and spatial dynamics of brain structure changes during extensive learning. J Neurosci 2006; 26: 6314-7.

Draganski B, Gaser C, Busch V, Schuierer G, Bogdahn U, May A. Neuroplasticity: changes in grey matter induced by training. Nature 2004; 427: 311-2



DFG Klinische Forschergruppe (Germany): Deep Brain Stimulation – basic mechanisms, basal ganglia physiology - Institute of Neurology, Clinic for Movement Disorders, Charité, Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany – PI Neuroimaging, CHF 300K for 3 years

Swiss National Science Foundation : Anatomical and functional segregation within cortico-subcortical circuits - project grant - CHF 375K for 3 years

Parkinson Switzerland: Anatomical and functional segregation within cortico-subcortical circuits in Parkinsons disease - CHF 120K for 3 years

Novartis Stiftung für Biologisch-Medizinische Forschung (Switzerland): Development of an imaging biomarker for idiopathic Parkinson's disease - project grant - CHF 60K

Swiss National Science Foundation - SPUM (Prof. Margitta Seeck - HUG): Imaging large scale network in epilepsy - project grant - CHF 400K for 3 years

Swiss National Science Foundation - Sinergia (Prof. Alexandre Reymond - CIG - UNIL): The 16p11.2 rearrangements: genetic paradigms for obesity and neurodevelopmental disorders - project grant - CHF 40K for 1 year

Synapsis Foundation : Development of a composite imaging/gait behaviour biomarker for early detection of cognitive impairment in ageing - project grant - CHF 150K for 3 years

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