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5th module of the 2nd year for the Master’s thesis

The Master's thesis (40 ECTS) consists of a personal research project. It is due, in principle, at the end of the 4th semester. This project is a logical next step following the teaching modules. It must be realised in the chosen orientation. One of the instructors of the compulsory courses of the first year serves in general as a master thesis supervisor. An instructor of the faculty can also be named Master thesis supervisor with the agreement of the Scientific Committee who appoints one of its members as a co-supervisor (rapporteur).

The Master’s thesis module and the 40 ECTS credits are validated if the grade, based upon the quality of the research, the quality of the written thesis and the oral defence is equal to or greater than 4.00.

  • Useful information and required forms can be found here
  • Proposed Master's thesis topics for 1st year students can be found here
  • Examples of past or on-going theses are here

Master defense days 2024

There are no fixed dates for the coming session.

Defences are possible during the exam session 2024

Winter session: January 12th - February 3rd
Summer session: June 10th - 29th

Retake session: August 19th - September 7th

Defenses which are not held during exam periods will only be validated at the following exam session

Graduation Ceremony

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