Teaching program

STUDY PLAN 2020/22

The detailed study plan is available below

Curriculum 2020/2022

The Master of Science in Environmental Science is organised by the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment of the University of Lausanne.

At the postgraduate level, this curriculum of 120 ECTS credits has a duration of 4 semesters after the Bachelor’s degree. The compulsory courses are given in English. If English is used, the instructor concerned will respect the Directive 3.4 of the directorate of the University.



The Master's programme is organised into four parts. In the first year, students take compulsory courses from two core modules and their chosen orientation module:

Part 1: Core modules

  • Foundations in environmental science
  • Environmental data and systems analysis

Part 2: Orientation module

  • Aquatic Science
  • Natural Hazards and Risk

In the second year, students complete free-choice courses along with their Master's thesis.

Part 3: Free choice course module

Part 4: Master's thesis


Students complete their curriculum with additional courses from other Master’s programs in the Faculty or other Swiss Universities, with the agreement of their Master’s thesis director.

Within the MODULE of FREE CHOICE, students can choose to participate in our "Séminaire interfacultaire en environnement". 3 ECTS credits will be allocated for the full participation at this seminair.

List of recommended FREE CHOICE COURSES. This list has been established by MSc GSE students and teachers to give you an idea of the courses you could choose.


The Master thesis of 40 ECTS credits consists of a personal research project. It is due, in principle, at the end of the 4th semester. One of the instructors in the first year of compulsory courses must serve as a master thesis director or as a co-supervisor (rapporteur).

The Master’s thesis module and the 40 ECTS credits are validated if the grade, based upon the quality of the research, the quality of the written thesis and the oral defence is equal to or greater than 4.00.