Forms and documents

Code de déontologie

Tout nouveau étudiant au master se doit de lire et signer le code de déontologie en matière d’emprunts, de citations et d’exploitation de sources diverses. Ce document est à l'attention des étudiants de 1ère année, une fois rempli, merci de le transmettre au secrétariat du master en géosciences de l'environnement durant le premier semestre en automne. Les informations sont données lors de la rentrée académique.

Code of conduct

Every new Master student has to read and sign the code of conduct (code de déontologie) in terms of borrowing, quoting and exploiting various sources. This document is destinated for first year students. Please fill it out and hand it over to the administrative desk of your Master during the first semester in autumn. Informations are provided at the beginning of the academic year.


Free choice course module

Enseignement à choix / Free-Choice Module

In the second year, students complete free-choice courses along with their Master's thesis.

In module 4 of the MSc, students complete their academic curriculum with free choice courses in the "Optional courses" module. Students can take master courses given within the Faculty, the University or a science cursus of a Swiss University  with the agreement of their Master’s thesis director. Any other courses offered in the other 2 orientations can also be taken.

Students can choose to participate in our "Séminaire interfacultaire en environnement". 3 ECTS credits will be allocated for the full participation at this seminair. The study plan also provides the possibility to register an INTERNSHIP in the Free-Choice module.

After having made his/her choice, the student must send the "Optional courses form/formulaire de cours à choix", duly completed and signed to the secretariat of the Master within the enrolment period for courses.

All MSc students must fill out this form!  

Check the registration deadlines for lessons and exams, specially in case of courses in other faculties, EPFL or other universities.

Remboursement des trajets / Reimbursement of travel expenses :Triangle AZUR - UNIGE - UNIL - UNINE

If, during your Master, you follow courses at the University of Geneva and / or Neuchâtel, you can be reimbursed for your travel expenses within the framework of the AZUR Triangle. To do this, complete the form below and submit it to your Master's secretariat with the requested appendices. The receipts of transport are to be sent glued on an attached sheet.

site du triangle AZUR


Demande de congé / request for leave

A request for leave for a maximum of two semesters is authorized provided that the student has already completed his/her normal semesters number, i.e. 4 semesters. This document must be submitted to the secretariat of the master within the deadlines indicated on the form. This document allows the student to reduce his/her semester fees. Note: When requesting leave, it is not possible to take lessons, however, the student can take an exam, and therefore acquire credits, during the desired semester of leave depending on the type of request made. Below is also the directive of the Faculty of GSE on leave requests. All other information is available at this link: :

Formulaire de demande de congé