Master's thesis / research

Master's Theses MSc ENVI

The Master's thesis (40 ECTS) consists of a personal research project. The Master’s thesis module and the 40 ECTS credits are validated if the grade, based upon the quality of the research, the quality of the written thesis and the oral defense is equal to or greater than 4.00. The defenses take place during the examination sessions. Defenses which are not held during exam sessions will only be validated at the following exam session.

To defend the dissertation, students must have successfully completed all modules except the Free choice module. The dissertation must be related to the chosen orientation.

Choice of subject and director
January 15th
Registration for the defense
Registration for the defense via the usual registration link during the following periods: 
Winter session: until November 30
Summer session: until April 30
Autumn make-up session: until August 10
1st deposit
The dissertation must be submitted to the dissertation jury 2 weeks before the oral defense. The submission form must be sent to the Master's admin desk the same deadline per e-mail.
Final deposit
The final submission of your dissertation (corrected and validated by the supervisor) in a bound color paper copy must be made no later than 5 days before publication of the results to the Master's admin desk.
Digital final deposit
The final digital submission of the dissertation:
- Title in English and French
- Abstract in English or French
- Master's thesis in PDF format
must be sent to the Master's administration desk by e-mail 5 days before the publication of the results of the registration session.
Apply for a grade
If you are successful, you must apply for a grade online within 3 days after publication of the results. Please note that without the completed electronic form, the grade cannot be awarded.

Academic Calendar of
sessions and registrations

Academic Calendar of sessions and registrations

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