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The information session for 1st year students will take place 

Wednesday September 27th 16h00-17h00 Room GEO-2129

Timetable modifications


Small changes in Orientation A Aquatic science

"Fluid flow and transport in the subsurface"
Courses 25-26.10.23 moved to 08-09.11.23
⚠️ 09.11.23 Room GEO-2235 

Courses 11.10 and 18.10.23 move to 11:00-13:00 in Room GEO-2130


"Remote Sensing of Earth Systems" change of classroom on Fridays GEO-2113


"Environmental toxicology" all semester GEO-2207 14h15-16h00 / GEO-2879 16h15-17h00


"Principles of scientific data acquision" Course of December 5th moved to Friday December 8th


Fall semester 2023

A-Aquatic Science


B-Natural Hazards 


C-Earth Surface processes



Autumn 2023
SA_2023_A-Acqua  (100 Ko)
SA_2023_B-Risk  (104 Ko)
SA_2023_C-EarthSurface  (94 Ko)


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