Metabolic View on Reproductive Ageing and Health: A Longitudinal Lipidome-wide Association Study

Project In collaboration with
Prospective adult Lausanne population study (CoLaus) to enhance the understanding on reproductive ageing (e.g., menopause), its impact on circulatory lipid profile and sex-dependent cardiometabolic risk Prof. Pedro-Manuel Marques-Vidal, MD (CoLaus clinical consortium CHUV) & Prof. Zoltan Kutalik group (statistical genetics)


Read about our most recent break through: Deep targeted lipid quantification workflow adapted for application in large-scale population studies

"Omic-Scale High-Throughput Quantitative LC–MS/MS Approach for Circulatory Lipid Phenotyping in Clinical Research"

Analytical Chemistry, ACS Publications



Deep Annotation of Model Organism Metabolome along with Lipidome

Systematic characterization of polar and lipid metabolome of a wide range of complex biological matrices (tissues/cell lysates, biofluids, etc.) derived from different model systems analyzed on a regular basis at our platform.

Brain-1.pngCheck our recent publication on deep characterization of metabolic alterations across brain metabolome, lipidome and proteome in Alzheimer's disease

"Molecular insights into sex-specific metabolic alterations in Alzheimer’s mouse brain using multi-omics approach"

Alzheimer's Research & Therapy, BMC Springer Nature 

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