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Leaderspritz, le cocktail du leadership interpersonnel
Si le nom de "Leaderpritz" nous ramène immanquablement à l’été et à ses boissons rafraichissantes, c’est aussi le titre du nouveau livre de la Prof. Marianne Schmid Mast et de deux de ses doctorants, Tristan Palese et Benjamin Tur, à la Faculté des HEC (UNIL). S’agissant d’un condensé de tous les ingrédients nécessaires pour devenir un bon leader, ce livre ne manquera pas de vous inspirer et de vous donner l’eau à la bouche.
HEC Lausanne: Twenty-six research projects secure funding in 2018
Twenty-six projects involving researchers from HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne were selected for grant funding in 2018. The total support will amount to over CHF 20 million, spread over several months or years, and will enable the researchers to create teams while working on their projects. This funding recognizes the excellence of the scientific research carried out at HEC Lausanne.
HEC Lausanne research ranked in the top 100 in Europe: ten professors stand out
Ten professors from the Faculty of Business and Economics at UNIL are listed among the researchers who are most often cited in academic publications in the European Union and Switzerland, according to the InCites ranking for October 2018. These excellent results place the University of Lausanne in the top 100, more specifically in 76th position, in the “Business & Economics” field out of 1,763 universities, institutes or research centers. These results reflect the excellence and high academic impact of the Faculty’s research.
Marianne Schmid Mast appointed as Fellow by the Society for Personality and Social...
Marianne Schmid Mast, Professor of Organizational Behavior at HEC Lausanne (UNIL) has been appointed a Fellow by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) and a Division 8 Fellow by the American Psychological Association (APA). The SPSP and APA are international professional associations, whose main role is to promote psychological science in both research and teaching so as to improve human well-being.
Female Career Award: Professor Michelle Hebl recognized by HEC Lausanne for her outstanding...
EQUALITY PROGRAM | On September 27, Professor of Management and Psychology Michelle (Mikki) Hebl from Rice University (Houston, United States) will be present on campus to receive the Female Career Award given by the Equal Opportunity Committee of HEC Lausanne (UNIL). She will also share her experience with the School’s doctoral and post-doctoral students. As an expert in gender equality and workplace discrimination, Prof. Hebl will present one of the key themes of her research, “Gender and Race Gatekeeping”, to an academic audience at the award ceremony.
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