OS actions plan 2019-2021

Action plan in 5 axes

As part of its reflections, its surveys of researchers and teachers and the involvement of stakeholders within faculties and services, UNIL has defined a plan of action in 5 priority areas :

  • Governance : to develop an Open Science policy, strategy, processes and guidelines to support UNIL's vision.
  • Organization : to set up administrative and support structures that ensure a participatory and inclusive approach to researchers.
  • Infrastructures and tools : to provide the technical means to manage, store, secure, share and archive scientific information.
  • Training and advice: to support, accompany and empower researchers in the management of their projects.
  • A new culture and communication: to raise awareness in the community and the public about the challenges and opportunities of OS.

Each of these 5 axes is broken down into specific objectives, concrete measures to be carried out and expected deliverables.

Axis 1 - Governance

In short : the establishment of an institutional framework supported by the UNIL Directorate; the development of an Open Science institutional strategy and guidelines; the definition of processes and the development of procedures for OA and OrD.

Axis 2 - Organization

In short : the identification of internal expertise; the creation of Open Science support services and a single virtual window; the support, coordination and recognition of SO expertise within faculties.

Axis 3 - Infrastructure and tools

In short : the creation of online DMPs; an infrastructure and tools for storage, collaborative work, sharing, repository, long-term preservation and valorisation of scientific publications and research data.

Axis 4 - Training and advice

In short : generalist training and tailor-made workshops; a platform for advice and support for researchers.

Axis 5 - New culture and communication

In short : raising awareness in the UNIL community of the challenges of Open Science; supporting a new, more open and accessible scientific culture; promoting Open Science and organizing events.

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