Undergraduate Research Programme in Biology and Medicine

During eight weeks in July and August, the SUR (Summer Undergraduate Research Programme) hosts about 15 Bachelor students from around the world with both biological and medical studies background, or a related discipline with a strong focus on biological sciences. Each participant will perform an individual research project in a different laboratory of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine. This programme aims to attract outstanding motivated students for a research experience that will remain with them for their lifetimes.

Undergraduate Research Programme in Biology and Medicine. 3 July - 28 August 2024

3 July – 28 August 2024
For whom?
Eligible applicants will have completed two years of bachelor's degree (and will be enrolling in their third year) at the time of the programme
How much?
Free of charge
Non credited course, Official Certificate of Attendance delivered

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Château de Dorigny - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 20 20