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Please have a look at the checklist for newcomers, it will give you information regarding administrative arrangements before, upon and after your arrival. 

You will also find complementary administrative information on this page. 

Declaring your arrival

If you will stay in Switzerland for more than 3 months, you should report your arrival within 8 days to the residents' registration office of your municipality. It is recommended to go there quickly as this is a prerequisite for other procedures such as opening a bank account. The application for a residence permit is made automatically during this procedure.

A fee is charged for the declaration and the establishment of the residence permit.

Check the necessary documents in the tabs opposite, depending on your nationality. 


Health insurance is compulsory for everyone living in Switzerland. 

Contributions will not be deducted from your salary: you are responsible for paying them. 

Insurance companies are required to provide cover for anyone who is required to take out insurance, whatever their age or state of health, without conditions or a time limit.

With or without accident cover? 

Everyone employed by UNIL is insured against accidents (professional and other, at the workplace and elsewhere). You should take out health insurance without accident insurance. 

However, visiting researchers are covered only against occupational accidents. It is therefore important to include insurance against non-occupational accidents with their health insurance. 

Useful documents

Guide to the Swiss health insurance system.

Comparisons can be found on this website priminfo (provided by the Federal Office of Public Health in the Swiss national languages)

Another comparison website comparis (in the Swiss national languages and English)


To enable your employer to pay your salary, you need to open an account with a Swiss bank or the Swiss Post Office. You should then send your account details to the Human Resources Department. 

You will need to bring the following documents with you:

  • Your residence certificate (delivered by the immigration office or municipality) or residence permit if you already have it
  • Your passport or ID
  • An invitation letter or employment contract from UNIL. 

There is a branch of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) on campus, in the Internef building. 

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