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Methodological basis for the Comparative European Literatures and Languages studies.

Methodological basis for the Comparative European Literatures and Languages studies.


The CLE endeavours to develop specific teaching methods that enact the interdisciplinary and inter-linguistic study of languages and literatures, such as the creation of joint, bilingual courses.

The ‘Introduction à l’étude comparative des littératures européennes’ (Introduction to comparative European literatures) course takes place during the autumn semester and is a pre-requisite for further studies in comparative literature, particularly at the MA level.
This course introduces students to the study of literary works that belong to different linguistic and cultural areas. It puts a strong emphasis on the most significant developments of literary studies and criticism from a comparative and international perspective: intertextuality, the study of literary and discursive genres, philology, historiography, gender studies, postcolonial studies, translation studies, etc.

A year-long seminar on epistemological and methodological issues is also proposed every year. Students learn to apply a comparative method and acquire the “tools” that enable them to compare different languages, literatures and cultural productions. They become familiar with the specific requirements and demands of interdisciplinary work, and learn to construct a valid angle of comparison, identify and analyse similarities as well as differences, and assess their significance. These are considered to be the preconditions for achieving rigorous, informed and innovative research in comparative literature.
Students’ memoires and doctoral theses in comparative literature benefit from an intensive and personal supervision by professors and staff members.

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