Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee of Help | UNIL is a joint group whose role is to monitor the operation of the system in order to make recommendations and proposals for improvement to the Rectorate.

It has 9 permanent members, representing the various faculties and bodies. When necessary, it can call on the expertise of guest members.

Permanent members

  • HEC : Franciska Krings (Professorial staff), President
  • FTSR: Jörg Stolz (Professorial staff)
  • FDCA : Gaëlle Delavy (Administrative and technical staff)
  • Lettres : Léona Giddey (Administrative and technical staff)
  • SSP : Ana Dabetic (Administrative and technical staff)
  • FBM : Catherine Saib (Administrative and technical staff)
  • GSE : Johanna Marin-Carbonne (Professorial staff)
  • CSE : Maxime Bouvier (PAT)
  • Service de la Rercherche : Micaela Crespo Quesada (PAT)
  • FAE : Carla-Maria Dell’Estate / Laurane La Villa / Myriam Schneider (Student body, rotating)
  • ACIDUL : Rachel Demolis (Intermediary staff)

Guest members

  • Vice-Rector Human Resources
  • Vice-Rector Equality, Diversity & Careers
  • Work and Study Climate Protection Delegate
  • One union representative