The MA in English offers students the opportunity to engage with the literature, theater, culture, and language of the Anglophone world at a more rigorous and specialized level. Our program is marked above all by intellectual diversity. Each year a selection of courses are offered that range across linguistics, modern British and American literature, medieval studies, Renaissance studies, translation and comparative literature, theater studies, and critical theory. Fundamentally global and interdisciplinary, our program is committed to exposing students to the most current critical schools and methods, from the digital humanities, legal studies, and ecocritcism to animal studies, queer theory, critical race studies, and gender studies. All English MA courses are taught by experts with established records of publication and research in their teaching fields. This high level of expertise is also brought to bear on the supervision of student theses. By the end of the English MA program, successful students will have gained a high level of cultural literacy in the humanities, specialized knowledge in a particular field developed through their thesis, and the ability to combine critical and creative modes of thought and analysis. Graduates of the MA in English have gone on to successful careers, both in Switzerland and abroad, in education, academia, arts administration, theater, fiction writing, legal consultancy, translation, communications, business entrepreneurship, and publishing.
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