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Hazel Blair is a 1st-year doctoral candidate at the University of Lausanne, working on the Swiss National Science Foundation-funded project 'Region and Nation in Late Medieval Devotion to Northern English Saints', and a Departmental Visiting Student at the Faculty of English, University of Oxford for Hilary and Trinity terms 2018. She holds an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies from University College London and an MA (Hons) in Medieval History from the University of St Andrews. Combining literary, historical, and codicological research methods, her PhD thesis (supervised by Prof. Denis Renevey) analyses the cult of St Robert of Knaresborough and the Trinitarian Order in medieval England. Research interests include: late medieval religious culture, hagiography, healing, medicine, and notions of personal and collective identity. Hazel is also committed to ensuring her work has reach outwith the academic sphere. Prior to her arrival in Lausanne, she was Assistant Editor at London-based magazine Military History Monthly, and she continues to write magazine articles on historical topics in her spare time. Hazel is currently Editor of Viewpoint, the magazine of the British Society for the History of Science.

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