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Kader N. Hegedüs is a 3rd year doctoral student in the Department of English of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a Visiting Scholar in the Department of English and Comparative Literature of Columbia University for Fall 2016. He holds a BA and an MA degree in English and History from the University of Lausanne, and a Master of Advanced Studies in Secondary Education and Teaching in English and History from the Haute École Pédagogique Vaud. His dissertation, supervised by Dr. Kirsten Stirling, makes part of a research project funded by the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) on “Space, Place and Image in the Poetry and Prose of John Donne” and explores how the ‘imagined’ spaces Donne creates in his poetry respond to and are symptomatic of developments in the ‘real’ spaces (scientific, religious, urban and natural) of the early modern period. Research interests include early modern poetry, the history of sciences, the history of religion, and theories of space and place.

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