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Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning - Free-access EMA | Tandem

Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning - Free-access EMA


Access to the Multimedia Centre is reserved to people who follow our modules (more details).


To continue studying languages independently, the Language Centre offers free-access to the Multimedia Centre for personalised learning:

You can benefit from:

  • resources which have been specially designed for autonomous language learning
  • learning activities that correspond to your level and to your needs
  • resources and tools which will enable you to better manage free-access learning

There are two ways to access the EMA:

  1. Remote access: use our PlurieL learning platform ("language activities" and resources" tabs). You can connect to PlurieL whenever you wish and wherever you are
  2. On campus: go to the EMA room during the semester, so long as it is a "free-access" period (see times on our homepage). There is no need to register beforehand. Someone will be on hand to show you how the EMA works and help you find the resources you need. You will have access to learning activities which are not available online

info.gifThe Multimedia room (1060 Anthropole) is not open in the intersemester period.

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Tandems are organised by the Tandem Program of the Faculty of Arts/EFLE. For full information:

  • Tandem is a system which allows people to practise using other languages with a partner
  • Objective: to progress in a language, not only by using it but by discovering cultural aspects
  • The two partners decide when, where, and how regularly to meet, as well as how they will proceed



The Tandem programme is a very effective complement to the free-access periods in the Multimedia Centre (see below).



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