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Our study programme is only for members of the UNIL university community.

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Learning a language requires a significant investment of effort and regular work – in class as well as outside of class. Before you register, make sure you have sufficient time for the necessary work on the course. Once you are placed in a group, you are committing yourself to following the whole course on a regular basis.


Before you start...

Which course should I choose?

  • Find the course which best suits your needs on our website:
    • Click here > to discover the courses the Language Center offers
    • Select the course you are interested in (“Languages” tab, dark blue bar top of this page)
    • See the titles and read the objectives
  • For more information, come and see us at the Language Center Reception
  • Come and see us at the start of semester if you wish to meet a teacher (dates and times>)

What is my level?
Every course has a level: your own level will be assessed by our teachers following your online pre-registration. If your level does not correspond to the level of the module, our teachers will contact you for an interview (providing there is still time to do so).

When is my class?
The timetable for semester courses does not appear on the website. This is because it is fixed once the registration deadline is over, according to the information provided by participants during their pre-registration. We create waiting lists when groups are full. Classes can be between 8:00 and 20:00.

To enable as many people as possible to follow our courses we are forced to limit the number of applications you can make:

  • You can sign up for 3 languages, but will only be placed into 2 groups at most, according to the available  place.
  • For semester modules, you cannot sign up for more than one module in any language - however, should you not be placed in a group, you may select another module.

We can open only a limited number of groups. When there is too much demand for one module, some people may be placed on a waiting list.

Module fees
You will find information on this page >.



1 - Your pre-registration

Your pre-registration does not guarantee you a place in a group – that will depend on your availability and your level. You need to make your pre-registration online on our website, with the following steps:

  • Choice of a module
  • Information about your previous language learning and your objectives for the course you are choosing
  • Self-assessment of your current level (this is only an indication)
  • Level test (except for the Chinese module)
  • Indication of your availability (this only applies to semester modules)



This information is important because it allows us to place you in the right class! Please fill this form carefully.

You can stop at any moment and resume your pre-registration later. It is only when you click on “CONFIRM” (the last step) that the information is sent to the Language Center. After that, you will be able to consult your data, but will no longer be able to modify any details, except for information about your availability.



2 - Have I been placed in a goup?

We will send you an email as soon as the schedules have been fixed, telling you whether or not you have been placed in a group. You can also consult your data online (from our homepage), or on the noticeboards at the entrance to the Language Center (Room 1065 Anthropole)

If you are placed in a group...
The Language Center modules begin during the second week of the academic semester (see dates).

  • Your data (which you can access via our homepage) contains all the information you require: a course description including the books to buy, schedule, room, teacher, Multimedia Center slots (if applicable), and information about the first week.
  • If your module includes a compulsory period in the Multimedia Center, do not forget to choose a slot as soon as you receive confirmation of your course (see our homepage). You can change this date as often as you wish by following the same procedure.

If you are not placed in a group...
There may be many reasons for this: the module’s schedule does not match your availability, we were unable to open the module you were interested in, or we could not place everyone in the module...

Come and see us at the Language Center !

  • You may be able to change your schedule and make yourself available to follow the module, or, if need be, be put on the waiting list.
  • We will discuss other possibilities: following another module, or Independent learning in the Multimedia Center (EMA)
  • We will give you information about other possibilities for independent learning (free access to the Multimedia Center, Tandem).



3 - Attendance, evaluation, certificates and ECTS credits

♦ ♦ ♦ It is possible to follow a Language Center course without asking for credits ! ♦ ♦ ♦

You must attend the group on a regular basis and inform your teacher of any absence.

Students who follow a course free of charge will be removed from the group if they miss two consecutive classes without justification (absences from the Multimedia Center can be compensated during free access hours).

For a course completed with at least 80% attendance, you will receive

  • either a certificate of attendance
  • or a certificate stating that credits have been obtained (providing the conditions indicated at the beginning of the course are fulfilled) - only for semestrial courses

ECTS credits
All semester modules (except intensive modules) entitle you to ECTS credits (generally 3 credits) provided you have satisfied the following conditions:

  • 80% attendance, active participation
  • Tasks and tests completed to a satisfactory level

Important: credits are not automatically accepted by all UNIL Faculties – check with your Faculty!


  • Course evaluation is continuous (made up of various tasks and tests).
  • It deals with various aspects: communication activities (reading, writing, speaking, listening), intercultural communication skill, lifelong learning skills.
  • Various forms of evaluation are used: tasks, tests, texts reflecting on your learning process, self-assessment lists, simulations, etc.

Plagiarism and cheating
In case of plagiarism and other forms of cheating, the Centre de langues will award the grade of 0 (see UNIL information on plagiarism)



ISEP test for exchange programmes

If you need official proof of your level for an exchange and your host university accepts the ISEP Language Proficiency Report, this can be obtained through the Language Center for English, German, Spanish and Italian.

  1. Register for the ISEP test at the Language Center Reception (fee of CHF 30.-, cash payment only). Semester opening hours are 10am to 12:30pm Tuesday to Friday. During intersemester periods please enquire by mail (
  2. Upon registration, you receive a link to your ISEP test space for the written component. The different parts are timed but can be completed independently within a period of two weeks on the online platform.
  3. After completion of the written component, set up your appointment for the oral evaluation. Your results will be validated and your ISEP report will be immediately available to include in your exchange application.


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